Customer Testimonial by Ron Hagen, Sarasota, FL

On the morning of Sept. 13th more than a dozen men climbed onto my roof like so many ants tearing apart a fallen carcass. Everyone knew what had to be done without any instruction. I was amazed at how efficiently they peeled two layers of old shingles and tar paper away to expose bare and in some areas rotting plywood. With the same efficiency, the bad wood was cut out and replaced with new.

From inside my air conditioner comfort came a variety of sounds puzzling my dog to know end saws ripping, shovels scrapping, and nails pounding. It was fun to watch, but soon she would get used to it, as I did.

Every one of those men put in a long, hard, and HOT honest day! At lunch time I took out two whole water melons, on ice, sliced in quarters, which they devoured in minutes. By late afternoon the crew was cleaning up the fallen debris, folding up tarps, and they were gone as fast as they came. The new shingles were off loaded and a now smaller crew carried on with the work that had to be completed before the next morning. The clouds rolled in and it started to rain, and then pour! Nobody ducked for shelter, in fact they looked like they enjoyed the welcome shower less shampoo, a bar of soap and a wash cloth. Those guys worked to near dark to make sure the roof was buttoned up for me.

The next morning I expected the same number of men ascending onto the roof to do the shingling but was taken aback to see only two men, one laying out the sheets and the other nailing. Then later it was only one man. I could not believe how much roof he covered out there in the merciless September sun by himself. I would occasionally go out to check on him when I didn’t hear the serenade of the nail driver pounding out a cadence of four hits, a slight pause and a fifth. Like a giant woodpecker searching for grubs on an old telephone pole and I was the grub inside. I was hoping he wasn’t sprawled out on the roof suffering from heat exhaustion. When I went outside, he was in the shade of my garage having lunch standing up. I brought him his own watermelon slices on ice with a chair. He declined the offer to sit but the melon was all gone when I checked on him later. He was back the next day to finish the back side of the house which was shaded from the morning sun. A break he certainly deserved from the day before. I had to take off to baby sit my granddaughter and I wasn’t there when he finished to thank him for the job well done.

I wanted all the folks at Yoder Roofing, the secretary, the crew, the foremen, and Mr. Yoder to know how happy I am with the price and quality from this experience. A new roof is a major investment and can be a nightmare with a poor choice of contractors. I felt like I was in good hands from the estimate that Cary gave right down to the last guy pounding in my gutter nails.

We live in a world that doesn’t always recognize good work when it happens. A compliment, with a pat on the back does count. Please make sure all the people involved know how much I appreciated their hard work and the peace of mind they have given me.

In the future, I would be happy to endorse Yoder Roofing’s quality of work, professionalism and price! Thank you for a job well done!

Ron Hagen- Sarasota, FL

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“Very satisfied with the quality of [Yoder Roofing's] workmanship. They tore off two layers of shingles, replaced fascia and plywood where necessary and finished the job on the 2nd day.”

- Gayle C.

"I've used Yoder Roofing on several occasions and they never fail to impress me with the quality of their work, great pricing and terrific crews."

- Julie K.

"If you need a new roof or repair, you MUST call Josh Yoder! This lean, mean proficient team showed up every day at the same time, performed the job exactly as described and left the site neat as a pin.."

- Cynthia G.

"I have used Yoder Roofing several times over the past 10 years to fix leaks in my original roof. First with Cary and now with Josh, our experience has been wonderful. The price is very fair and the quality is excellent. I strongly recommend Yoder Roofing."

- Michael C.

"Great experience working with Yoder Roofing. I highly recommend them. Not only would I use them again, I am using them again for another property."

- Bart M.